Census + Public Utility Districts

Dear Utility Companies and Local Districts, 

An accurate count on the 2020 Census is essential for our community. The outcome directly impacts the level of funding communities will receive for essential services such as medical clinics, roads and energy assistance among many other services. The count helps businesses and public service organizations plan for the future. Population levels also determines our representation in government. 


All that said, you can help!

Please consider including information in your bills and newsletters (print or digital). Below is sample content. Please contact us if you need any further assistance. 

Thank you for helping to ensure a complete count! 

Sample Content for Utility Bills & Newsletters

A Complete Census Count Is Important for Your Community

It’s time to respond to the 2020 Census! A complete count is essential for the well-being of our community. The census determines:

  • The amount of funding we receive for essential services like roads, schools, medical clinics, energy assistance, emergency response and more

  • The number of seats we have in Congress

  • Whether we will receive programs that support our community’s health & prosperity

There is a lot at stake. For each person missed, our community will lose an estimated $30,000 in funding for those essential services listed above.


Respond Now!

Responding to Census is easy! It’s 10 questions, takes less than 10 minutes, but impacts us for the next 10 years. You can respond online, by phone or via the paper questionnaire. Respond now! Go to my2020census.gov  or call 844-330-2020.



Further Assistance

If you or someone you know needs help filling out the Census, please visit spokanecensus.org/assistance. There you will find resources in a variety of languages and connections with local service providers.


Remember: you matter…so get counted!

Sample Content for Social Media

Programs that provide energy assistance are funded based on population data gathered during the #Census. For every person who is not counted, Eastern Washington will lose an estimated $30,000. That funding is used to support essential services such as medical clinics, after school programs and energy assistance.

We cannot afford to lose that so make sure you get counted!

Respond now: online at my2020census.gov or over the phone at 844-330-2020.

Find help including assistance in other languages: spokanecensus.org/assistance

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Spokane County Complete Count website was inspired by the Washington Nonprofits 2020 Census Action Kit. View toolkit.