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Spokane County Complete Count website was inspired by the Washington Nonprofits 2020 Census Action Kit. View toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the online response website?

A. my2020census.gov


Q. Do I have to wait until I receive the mailer?

A. Nope! You can respond online anytime!

Q. Do I need a code to do the survey online?

A. You do not need a code. The code simply associates you with an address. Without the code, there will be few questions necessary to establish your address, but you do not need the code.


Q. Do I fill it out for everyone living in my home?

A. Yes! The Census counts us by residence. Everyone who lives with you (family or not) counts!

#YouMatter #GetCounted #Census2020


Q. Do roommates all fill out the same form?

A. Yes! Everyone living in a household as of April 1 goes on the same form.


Q. Who should be the #1 person on the form?

A. Anyone can be the #1 person. If someone in the household is American Indian/Alaska Native, consider having them be #1 as it impacts tribal stats & funding.


Q. What if I forgot someone?

A. That person can fill it out themselves. The Census Bureau might call for clarification, but they can reconcile multiple responses from one address.

College Students

Q. Won't my parents count me?

A. You count where you live most of the time. If you live in a dorm or in off campus housing, that's where you should be counted because you live most of the year there.

Q. I'm planning to move, so should I fill it out?

A. Yes! Fill out the Census! You count where you live most of the time as of April 1st. Even if you move April 2nd, it's still about where you live April 1.

Q. Do I count my roommates?

A. Yes! Count everyone in your home.


Q. What if we have shared custody of our kids?

A. Children count where they live most of the time. If it is truly a 50-50 split, then count them at the home where they sleep April 1. 


Q. Do I count a child who I'm caring for, but don't have legal custody of?

A. If that child lives with you most of the time, then yes. It doesn't matter whether you claim them on your taxes or have legal custody.


Q. Does the Department count foster youth?

A. Kids count where they reside as of April 1. If that's with a foster family, then that's where they count.

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