What Everyone Needs to Know

How it Works

Every 10 years, every household in America is surveyed on demographics such as race and age. The result is a beautiful portrait of America. This year, we'll be asked to respond online. Learn more here or watch our 30 second video.

When it Happens

In mid-March, households will be mailed an invitation to participate. Although the invite will come in our mailbox, we'll be asked to to complete the questionnaire online. 

The online questionnaire portal opens March 12 and April 1 is Census Day! View timeline.

How Safe it Is

U.S. Code prevents the U.S. Census Bureau from releasing or sharing any information that identifies you individually. The Bureau cannot share your information with anyone-not your landlord, Homeland Security or anyone else. Every Census Bureau employee and contractor is sworn for life to always protect your information. Learn more here or watch our 30 second video.

Why it Matters

Our share of $13.7 billion in Federal dollars, the number of seats we have in Congress and many essential services are determined by Census population data. We stand to lose over $30,000 per person missed. We cannot afford that! Learn more about what's at stake here or watch our 30 second video.

How to Participate

Most of Spokane County will receive a letter in the mail that includes a unique code. We'll be asked to use that code to access the online questionnaire. We can still request a paper copy or complete the process over the phone. Learn more. 

Who Counts

Everyone living in the United States as of April 1, 2021 counts! A baby born April 1, a person who is 150 years old, folks who have lived here for generations, foreign exchange students, refugees, folks who are undocumented, people who live in mansions, folks who don't have houses all count! Learn where we count.

How Long Will it Take

The 2020 Census is a short survey. It's less than 10 questions, takes only about 10 minutes, but impacts us for the next 10 years!

View sample questionnaire or preview online portal. 

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Spokane County Complete Count website was inspired by the Washington Nonprofits 2020 Census Action Kit. View toolkit.